August 18, 2021

Penthouses are definitely notable in the lavish scale of housing, with many imagining what life up top is like. Following our past article on GCBs, we dive back into the world of the super rich in this feature on penthouses in Singapore.

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Just like how higher storey HDB units fetch a higher price, the same goes for penthouses. These are flats with large living spaces that are at the topmost floor of a building, typically luxuriously fitted with top-of-the-line amenities.

Some of these features can include your own private pool, private lift, and most importantly, an expansive view to die for.

One other reason why they cost so much is because you are forking out money on prime real estate, especially if they are located in a good area. Since you are so high up, you are able to escape noises from the lower floors, typically during rush hour.

James Dyson’s ‘Bungalow in the Sky’ 

Previously in our Good Class Bungalow feature here, we talked about James Dyson and his stunning $45 million GCB purchase. Just weeks prior to his purchase, he dropped a record breaking $73.8 million and bagged a lavish penthouse atop Singapore’s tallest building, Wallich Residence.

Cr. Wallich Residences

With a private lift fitted, infinity pool and sleek marble floors, this majestic 21,108 sq ft 3-storey is definitely worth every penny spent. A virtual tour of the penthouse is offered on the Wallich Residence site, where you are able to explore the many rooms and luxurious amenities offered. It goes without saying that living here definitely offers one of the best views you can get of Singapore.

Cr. Wallich Residences

Singapore’s largest - Penthouse Collection

During the earlier part this year in February, a rare penthouse collection was launched at Marina Bay Residences. This was a collection of 5 penthouse that can be put together to create a home for generations to come.

When combined, it provides the homeowner with an astounding 28,258 sq ft of luxurious space, with a total of 24 bedrooms. Imagine the amount of family or guests you can have over at your home! (sans COVID-19)

Similarly, a virtual tour is also offered at the Marina Residences site, showing off the breathtaking views of Marina Bay as well as the city’s skyline. The unit also comes with a double volume ceiling in the living area and a rooftop pool.

Cr. Tristar Properties

Occupying levels 50-54, this ‘Good Class Bungalow in the Sky’ with panoramic views is currently up for grabs! It goes without saying that this trophy asset is not one many can own easily. 

The Associate Director at Tristar previously told Insider that their target buyers are “ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices "looking for a multi-generation home or an opulent home,"”.

Regardless of who the buyer ends up to be, we definitely look forward to seeing how they transform this lovely family home, and hopefully we will be able to get a glimpse into some high-end ecor ideas!


Other Penthouses in Singapore

Whilst the majority of us are living in HDBs in Singapore, it never hurts to dream big as we never know what our future might bring. Aside from the two lavish penthouses mentioned above, there are a plethora of new penthouses available in the market right now.

With the price point on a penthouse, naturally comes the importance of decorating it well. Let us bring you into a couple of swanky penthouses to take a look at some design inspos!

1. Penthouse at Tiong Bahru by SYRB

This penthouse brings together warmth and earthy elements in order to instill an extra sense of tranquility. With its main focus on black and white aesthetics, the interior is clean, chic and minimalistic.

The double volume ceiling further adds an air of luxury, and the lovely raindrop-like lights installed an additional touch of opulence to the living area.

Playing with the main color options of white, black, grey and wood elements, makes for a cohesive home that looks grand from living room, to dining area and bedrooms alike.

With such a gorgeous working space, working from home is definitely not a chore!

2. Bali-style Holiday Vibes by Studio Igg

With the pandemic right now, traveling is a no-no for the unforeseeable future. Despite this, many of us are already gearing up in preparation for the day travel bans are lifted, and we are able to explore to our hearts content again.  

For this resort-style penthouse, traveling can seem as close as home. Different shades of white and cream, paired with rattan elements and rustic pieces gives this home an unique flair while staying true to the owners’ original goals of having their love of traveling reflected.

Incorporating statement pieces and different textures can help elevate the entire vibe of a home when paired well. The leather daybed, marble countertop and hexagon tiles draws attention whilst bringing together other aspects of this lovely home.

3. Penthouse @ Pavilion 11 by Prestige Global Designs

This 2-storey penthouse with a private rooftop brings tropical vibes indoors. With the end goal of having the apartment feeling homely with a side of luxurious vibes, the designer set to work with the homeowners in realizing their dreams.

There is a play with an abundance of colors, textures, and even shapes. The unique Giorgetti rocking chair draws attention immediately, along with the unconventional layout of the furniture sitting at an angle.  

Various eclectic art pieces and lovely pops of foliage were also scattered around the home; meanwhile, soft and willowy curtains coupled with the stone cushions added a touch of Zen.

The bedroom and bathroom takes on a more obvious luxurious approach, with gold accents, brown tones and a distinctive marble wall.

4. Penthouse at Bluwaters 2 by Schemacraft Interiors

White is the color you cannot go wrong with when it comes to interior design. This Hampton-inspired home with a touch of Asian flair makes use of many white and wood elements, whilst instilling a touch of Asia here and there.

From white walls, white cupboards, white beddings and more, the overall effect is calming and clean. The addition of wood and brown furniture pairs exceedingly well with white, and the pop of colors from the artworks, cushions and little knick-knacks then ties everything together.

More white and wood combinations make up the relaxing outdoor area, with a pool overlooking the nearby view. Plants were also placed alongside walls to instill a touch of greenery.

5. Vertis Penthouse by asolidplan

Japanese inspired minimalist home design has been all the rage for a long time, with its timeless designs and Zen feel. It usually revolves around serenity and simplicity, with tranquil decorative touches that helps prioritize a balance between natural and man-made furnishings.

Some of the key features that help make a Japanese interior are wood aspects, sliding doors, natural lighting and some low furniture. In this penthouse, ‘sliding’ is emphasized, be it screens or simply a storage cabinet.

As this home is located in close proximity with a condominium, the designers at asolidplan made sure to put privacy of the homeowners at the forefront. The cleverly designed sliding doors are able to be manipulated to suit different needs and allow natural light in easily without compromising too much on privacy.

Take a look at these stunning before and after's for when the sliding screens are used:

What a clever idea to keep the home looking uncluttered!

Penthouses in Singapore are considered one of the epitomes of luxury living. However, with the competition for housing in Singapore, the price tag on such a well situated home can go up to shocking amounts. How much are you willing to fork out for a home with a view?

If you liked reading this article, do check out our recent post on the Homes of the Rich & Famous in Singapore and be wowed by more splendor.

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