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At The Origins Property, we strive to bring the best experience to all the clients we serve. We would like to thank all the our clients for putting their trust in us over the years. Read the reviews for our TOP property agents and how they have helped clients with their property journey in Singapore.

"I was introduced to Eugene and Esther by a relative. I find both of them very friendly and approachable from the very moment we met. They patiently walk us through the whole process and never fail to provide an answer to our requests.

Under their guidance, the whole process turned out to be smoother than I'd thought. The level of service is far beyond my expectations. Having good insights in the property market, Eugene and Esther are able to secure the best deal for us.

Thank you Eugene and Esther for going the extra mile. Appreciate very much. I would definitely recommend them to those wanting to buy or sell their property."

Andy Kang

"I'm extremely satisfied with the highly professional services provided by Eugene of Origins Property.

A colleague recommended him to me and we initiated our communication a few weeks before my visit to Singapore for a reconnaissance trip. Eugene quickly grasped my requirements and was impressively responsive, seemingly available around the clock.

Upon my arrival, he presented several properties, and each one precisely matched the specifications I had provided. After just a day of viewings, I had already made my decision, and Eugene efficiently handled all the contract details, making the process effortless for me. I wholeheartedly endorse Eugene for your property needs.

He is personable, prioritizes customer satisfaction at every stage, and executes his work with speed, high quality, and excellent follow-up."

"I am delighted to finally have a place to call home, thanks to Eugene. I was fortunate to meet him through a friend who had also benefited from his assistance in finding a house.

I was impressed with Eugene's extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, his experience in negotiating deals, and his direct and straightforward communication style during our meeting, which ultimately led me to choose him as my agent. Throughout the entire buying process, he demonstrated remarkable patience and attentiveness, making sure to promptly answer any questions I had and providing me with regular updates every step of the way.

I still remember being caught in a dilemma due to budget constraints where I had to choose for either a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom unit while also selecting the ideal location and project. Fortunately, Eugene assisted me in streamlining my choices by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each option. With his guidance, I could make an informed decision that left me content.

I am thankful for the support I received, and I am confident in my purchase. I would definitely recommend Eugene to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable property agent."

"Hello, we are a retired couple who wanted to downgrade our house, as our children had all moved out. Hence we decided to look for a smaller unit to suit our current needs. Eugene Lin was introduced to us in early 2022 by our children. He had help them upgrade from a HDB to a condo. As such, we decided to engage him in the sale and purchase of our HDB units respectively. Eugene proved himself very knowledgeable and efficient in his profession. He is also tirelessly hardworking, accommodating and pleasant to work with. He displayed great effort, perseverance and understanding in our requirements. We will definitely introduce Eugene Lto anyone who may require his good service."

"Eugene was recommended to us by one of our family members. Despite many challenges in the journey, Eugene is always there to reassure us with his calm nature. He is very experienced and gives us utmost confidence with his superb negotiation and problem solving skills. He is also very responsible and responsive and you can rely on him to see through things. Highly recommended!"

Due to the market conditions and the age of our apartment and we knew Eugene from friends and relatives, we decided to engage him as our agent and he did not disappoint at all. There is still a lot of value in finding an agent to help you with buying and selling of properties. While our sales and purchase are ongoing, he has been candid and delivering swift professional services - we have no complaints.
Eugene has been very detailed in explaining to us the pros and cons of different property purchase options and financing. He has been an excellent one stop turnkey solutions to go to for any and everything related to the property sales and purchases.

If I had to do it all over again, it would still be Eugene and I unreservedly recommend Eugene to anyone."

" Eugene is very nice and helpful. He helped us through just about every step of the home buying process.  We could not have done this without you, and we are endlessly grateful for your hard work and expertise. If any of our friends or family are ever in need of an agent, we will be sure to send them your way. 🥰🥰"

" My wife and I first came to know Eugene over Facebook on his posting about properties in Singapore. This was after we got married and looking for our matrimonial home.

Eugene is prompt in action to contact us and set up an appointment after several days. It was a fruitful meeting and get to know more about the market and processes in getting property in Singapore. Definitely, very insightful and enlightening for both of us.

Despite we have few agents servicing us in terms of looking for the right unit for us, but none of them were trying to understand what we want. In fact, at the initial stage, we didn’t even know what we want. So this was the problem here until we met Eugene. He is patient and thoughtful throughout our hunt for a property.

In fact, we felt so humbled as he brought us around during our weekends to view the show-flats. We visited plenty of show-flats. From the first visit until we decided on the right property, he will check our feedback and response from each visit, and using his expertise from the industry, he will fine-tune the subsequent visits based on our interest and requirements.

Rather than just about sales and closing deal, he shared and analysed each property its pros and cons factually to help us make an informed decision. As a first time homebuyer, we were clueless to what to expect when selecting the right property. Eugene was there with us and explained to us what to look for, how to inspect the showflat, check for surrounding markets and even the exit strategy if we want to sell next time.

Eugene is meticulous in details and facts. He went the extra mile to help us to look into what we want according to our budget, location, preferred layout, etc within our mean. He is quick to respond and clear any doubts/queries about property matters. We are so assured that he will be responsive and follow through the rest of the way on the whole sales and purchasing.

We would definitely recommend Eugene to our friends and family. We truly appreciate his sincerity, commitment and patience throughout this process.

Thank you Eugene for his effort and making the process of purchasing a property in Singapore much smoother than we expected."

" Through a recommendation I got Eugene Lin's contact and called him. He responded to my call and we had an in depth discussion about my goals and my future plans in buying my first property. ( i was looking to purchase my first property)

I had an agent at that time who was in charge of my purchase so i told Eugene upfront about my agent however Eugene still took the time to explain the process and little nuances in property and he even answered the questions that i had regarding property valuation. He did not push me to change my agent nor did he try to undercut or "steal sheep".

My agent was not very active and seemed to push us to buy any unit just for a quick turnaround. We were not very pleased with her hence in one call i could immediately see the difference between them (although i desire to avoid comparison i have to mention it here so others are aware of such tactics certain agents apply)

Eugene was the exact opposite- patient,  understanding,  dedicated and thorough. Very insightful as well. He educated me about planning for my future and gave me very smart tips on how to gauge a property's appreciation margin.

I really am very fortunate to have met such a honest,  passionate and dedicated agent such as Eugene. There is a funny quip- they don't make them like they used to. It certainly refers to an agent like Eugene. "

Kove Sveta

" I got Eugene's contact through a friend as I was looking to purchase my first resale flat and at the same time, my dad was selling off his. As we are unclear of all the processes and regulations etc.

Eugene has always been very patient and helpful in answering to my queries. He also has good knowledge and gives good advise when it comes to buying and selling. You can be assured that he will be responsive and follow through with you the rest of the way on the whole sales and purchasing.

My experience with Eugene representing me as my property agent (and now a friend) has been so far excellent and therefore, I will not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their property :) Thank you Eugene! "

Penny Cheng
Penny Cheng

" I got to know Eugene from The Origins Property (TOP) around September 2019 as he was highly recommended by my brother, having represented him as a property agent in the past. I decided to choose him as my agent as he has a friendly disposition and is not too pushy.

More importantly, his no. 1 priority appears to be giving you the information you require to make good decisions when it comes to property. Overall my experience with Eugene was excellent. He was clear in communication and went the extra mile to help me get the best deal. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. "

Victor Tong
Victor Tong

"Highly recommend Eugene. It was a seamless and fussy-free experience for the sale of our HDB flat and subsequently the purchase of our new home. Appreciate the analysis and insights he has provided. "

Kathy Ying
Kathy Ying

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Eugene, the founder of TOP.

From our initial conversations till the completion of the selling & buying process, Eugene has given his professional guidance on helping me & my wife to find our ideal home. I am impressed with his knowledge on the property market & appreciate his analytical advice. At each step in the entire process, Eugene always shows his commitment to deliver excellence service & given extraordinary supports to us.

Throughout our journey, Eugene demonstrated immense patience and understanding of our situation. Whether we needed additional time for research or require more information on a particular unit, he took it all in stride. I think these are the features of an ideal property advisor that every buyer/seller is looking for.

Thank you so much, Eugene & TOP team!"

CG Tan

"Eugene is a highly committed and responsible agent.  Me, being undecisive in the purchase of property, he would listen patiently to what I need and want and then
advise me accordingly.

He has the best interest of his clients at heart. Being a knowledgeable agent, i am not afraid to ask him any questions as I believe he can provide me with the fullest support and information that I need.

His professionalism, sincerity, dedication and service are impressive and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help, Eugene!"

Daphne Yiew

"Eugene is very knowledgeable in the property market and is very meticulous in my criteria. We are first time buyer and naturally we have a lot of questions to our purchase. Eugene was very patient with us and responsive in our enquiries. Overall we can trust his expertise in the property market 101%. Thank you for your superb professionalism"

"Eugene is responsive and efficient. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and well versed with singapore property market. He provides great insight of singapore property trends too."

Yap Qiu Peng

"I’m glad that I have been able to meet Eugene when I was looking for a house to rent.Eugene is very quick and thorough with his work making everything go at ease for me. He’s very thoughtful and understanding of his client that allows me to reach out to him easily. With any problem arising, Eugene always put in the effort to give advice and solve it for me. I would like to recommend everybody to have Eugene as their property agent to help buy/sell/rent a house with great satisfaction."

"Buying a property is never an easy feat. As a family of 4 upgrading our property, it is a tumultuous task to ensure that we have sufficient cash flow and time to ensure that both the adults and children careers, studies and lifestyles are not affected.

Eugene was able to do just that, he was patient and was able to explain complex terms in an understandable manner. He's never overbearing and he lays out the option for us, providing us with the pros and cons of each situation. The decision ultimately is left to us.

Most importantly, when met with a problem, he was able to jump right into the fray, solve the problem and walk this journey through with us.

As a property agent, Eugene places his client needs above his own and was very responsive to our numerous questions. There is no doubt that I will be rendering his services again in the future.

Thank you, Eugene!"

" We found a very knowledgeable property market individual in Eugene who was also an ex-banker. Not only was he exceptionally knowledgeable and competent in addition, but he was also accommodating, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile to clear our doubts.

Eugene was knowledgeable with his expert experience and insight - not just sales-talk. He blended an in-depth market and financial analysis with a strategy to upgrade our current property.

His managing of our showroom appointments was excellent. For instance, he never-failing to invite our feedback after each visit. Instead, after that, he would include our feedback with every subsequent visit. He would also consciously advise properties within our set budget so that we would be comfortable with our investment decision.

Besides what we have mentioned above, he is a humble and sincere guy who would ensure that his clients receive a highly professional and exceptional service. Once again, massive thanks to Eugene for the assistance rendered throughout the whole process from start to end. This unique experience certainly piqued our investment's interest as it was an enlightening experience."

" Alex is our personal friend and I got to know that he became a real estate advisor not too long after he got his license. Despite being new in this industry, I was astound by his professionalism and sound experience.

Being a first time hdb upgrader, especially when I'm based in overseas, it will be hard for me to do my own research on how and when to sell my HDB flat, visit new launch showrooms, and decide which type of condo (resale or new) will be suitable for us.

With Alex's assistance and analytical advice, it was a smooth ride and we were very happy that we got what we want without the need to travel back to Singapore, and all these were settled within 2 months!

A diligent professional who understands seller and buyer mindset. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for opportunities. "

Winston Chow Wei Jie

" Eugene was recommended by our friend when we intended to sell and purchased our house. A very polite and humble guy, with great property info and knowledges. Highly recommended. "

" I had an agent who was in charge of our rental, he was acting more like the tenant's agent more than our agent, even went to the extend of bad mouthing us to our tenant. It was a nightmare having him as our agent.

Started looking around for another agent to represent us for our next rental, got to know of Haley. First impression was that she is very approachable, very responsive to our questions, punctual for appointments and responsible. Thanks to Haley, we managed to find tenant within a short period of time.

We have a very pleasant working relationship with her, and I am recommending her to all of my family and friends who needs an agent. "

" Having had issues finding the right property and using Propertyguru by myself, I was finding myself dealing with agents who were more interested in my ability to spend rather than my best interest.

Eugene was recommended by a close friend of mine, and instantly I knew he was providing a service that was looking out for me as a customer and now friend - and no matter how my criteria were like, he was able to go above and beyond and support my search for my ideal home and educating/advising me as a newbie home buyer and now owner.

Always supportive and easy going, working with Origins Property was a great choice, if you have any doubts feel free to reach out to him and see for yourself! "

Kaiyee Tay
Kaiyee Tay

" Got to know Eugene through social media. After he did a thorough analysis for us, we decided to engage him. Eugene didn’t disappoint and facilitated the sale of our first house and helped us to upgrade to our dream home. Eugene followed-up and gave us updates every step of the way from selling to buying. What impressed us was that he is a sincere person and genuine after sales service. Will recommend Eugene and have indeed done so. 👍🏻 "

Leslie Sun
Leslie Sun

" My wife and I can't speak highly enough of our experience with Eugene. We were first-time private property homebuyers, looking to upgrade from HDB, with very little knowledge about how to find the right property for us.

Eugene is my wife's friend and as we need guidance and professional advise, my wife suggested for us to engage him. Eugene gave us a very detailed presentation and he made sure we understand the process of buying a property and also the selling of our HDB unit. He also made sure that we are financially ready to commit ourselves before buying a property. His calmness and assured tone in his presentation gave us the feeling that we are in good hands. But what made us very impressed with Eugene is he did not rush or pressure us into buying the property. In fact, he advised us not to rush as upgrading to a private property is a big step and we need to be careful with the figures.

After securing our property, with Eugene expertise in the property market, we managed to sell our HDB unit within 2 months! We are blessed and thankful to have a friendly agent who is professional, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra miles to help us.  The whole process from start is smooth sailing. Thanks Eugene! "

Muhd Fazli Aris

" We initially reached out to Eugene when we were merely considering about buying a property. At that point, we were just asking only and no obligation kind of thing.  Eugene patiently took the time to share all the necessary details and timelines about property purchase even though we were not committed yet.

He was very patient in explaining all the procedures and payments that we needed to know. It was only less than two months later that we reached out again to start viewing properties. Eugene was very diligent in understanding our requirements and he would take the time to clarify our questions and doubts that we encountered. He also took the effort to prepare all the information about the property we were viewing and made sure all my questions were answered.

Throughout the transaction process his communication was very clear and timely, always keeping us updated with all the procedures that were being done. Overall, Eugene is efficient, trustworthy and has excellent communication. Eugene, thank you so much for always answering our doubts and problems very patiently and promptly!😊 You are the best la!👍💪 "

Yanti & Joma

"Eugene is very patient and knowledgeable when comes to property sales. He is always ready to share his experiences and views on property market.

When come to sales, he is well prepared and organised. He always coordinates the viewings so that it is hassle free for us.
I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

"Came across a post by Eugene in Facebook and we could totally relate to the content and felt we felt the need to reach out to him to seek further advice on asset progression.

Eugene has been very proactive and responsive throughout the communication. Sharing his wealth of knowledge and advising us what is best for us has been very helpful. And the most comforting aspect is he doesn't give us any pressure on whatever decision that we made.

The entire process from selling our current unit to getting the next unit has been seamlessly done and it was a breeze. And we really appreciate his patience throughout the entire journey. Thanks Eugene!

If you would to ask if we would recommend Eugene, the answer would definitely be a YES!!"

"Being first time home owners, Eugene really helped put our minds at ease with his experience of the buying process. He was very patient when explaining to us our options and even gave us some really good advice when it came to location, age of the house, COV etc. Really appreciate Eugene's support in the entire journey and would definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking for a fuss-free and streamlined buying journey."

"Eugene has been very reassuring and prompt throughout the sale of our first property. He give insightful information and the right strategy for our needs. He listens but at the same time willing to challenge our views and have a healthy debate.

Price transacted for us was above our asking price with favourable condition as well. Will definitely engage Eugene and Origins again!"

"We were blessed to have friends in the property industry and out of 3 referrals, Eugene stands out the most. He knows his trade inside out, always giving us important information regarding every step of the sale of our unit. He is one of the most sincere agents we've ever met, knowledgeable, humble and honest. We highly recommend Eugene as your ideal property agent, regardless of how poor your property condition or location is, he will turn it around and surprise you. All the best Eugene and your team, keep up the good work. This is the ideal standard we need from property professionals."

"Eugene was recommended by our friend. Its truly great having him as our agent in selling and purchasing our home as he is very knowledgeable. Approachable and accommodating makes us feel at ease. Sincere in helping us with his detailed analysis and breakdown. Definitely recommends him. Thanks."

"Eugene was extremely patient and explained the various concepts behind property price. He did detailed comparisons between properties we had selected as well as similar neighbouring properties to look at the price trend. It was truly an eye opening experience and we eventually decided on a property knowing that we had made an informed decision. Highly recommend Eugene to any future property buyers."

" Diligent Eugene Lin, our agent - who sold our place in one viewing and assist us on our retirement place at the same time. His professionalism and sound knowledge on the ground helps us with our decision. We appreciate his patience and helpful attitude in our whole process.

If you are looking for a responsible agent, he is the right person to work with.  Have a chat with him and you will understand why 😊."

" My wife and I are extremely happy and glad to have engage Eugene from The Origins Property as our agent.

Eugene has clearly exhibits the quality of what an exceptional property agent should possessed. Sincere, committed, patient, persistent and humble, that is the impression that he has given us. He was always accommodating and responsive to our request, impressed about how he can always make time and being punctual for us with all the endless discussion.

From the 1st meetup as a stranger in analyzing our financial status to someone whom we can count on as a friend in purchasing 1 of our largest ticket item ever. Eugene is very meticulous and I am really surprise about how he can guide us with all the nitty gritty details, he has really go beyond and that is really commendable.

Being an ex-banker definitely put him in a better position in providing the right advisory, his professional guidance has indeed allow us to make 1 of the most important and sound decision ever.

Once again, kudos to Eugene! Would highly recommend anyone looking to explore the feasibility of buying and selling property to seek his advice. "

Benson Lim

" The Origins Property set the standard for property agents in Singapore and I feel that they are definitely at the top of their game. Eugene has a vast knowledge of the industry and has high standards in the service he provides. His service was exceptional from the get go. I am thankful to chance upon Eugene, whose opinion I value so much.

If you are looking for a property agent, I will highly recommend Eugene for his experience, dedication and professionalism. Eugene does not sell for the sake of selling. He was mindful of my financial means, and did an extremely thorough research of the property I'm selling.  

The property was sold off within a week with an extremely satisfactory selling price. The offer would not have come about without Eugene's  brilliant marketing and approach. He kept me informed at every stage of the process and constantly ensured that we are in good hands from start to finish.

It has been such a pleasure to deal with Eugene. Thank you for all your efforts and providing an exemplary service. 👍🏻 "

Annie Low

" Meet Eugene after dealing with few other property agents.  He is the best we have encountered.  He is able to do a very detail analysis of our current situation and present a few options for us to consider.  

He facilitate us in selling our 1st home and in helping us purchase a private property. He is very sincere and genuine, no hard selling.   He took the time to go through with us the pros and cons of each different project. Fantastic after-sales service and follow up.  

Have recommended a few friends to him and all had good experience. Fortunate to have meet such a dedicated and experience property agent, who has became a good friend/adviser for our housing needs. "

Kenrick Poh
Kenrick Poh

"We were planning to start a family and so, we needed a place of our own. After multiple unsuccessful viewings with our previous agent, we were left feeling really jaded. That was when our good friend referred Eugene to us. He got straight down to understanding our needs and began working on it. Super no frills. Whenever we had questions, he was able to answer us quickly and clearly in a way that we could understand. This guy isn't pushy and had our interests at heart.

Just after one viewing, we decided that was our dream home and gave a high offer. However, the seller accepted another buyer's offer due to them having the same beliefs. We were devastated, but Eugene kept calm. Two weeks later, we got a call from Eugene saying that the deal fell through. Turns out, he had already predicted this as he knew that their offer was way over the valuation and so would incur a high COV amount, resulting in the buyers backing out. He had been following up with the seller's agent and once the deal fell through, he negotiated with them and got us a deal that was 12k lesser than what we initially offered.

In the end, we bought our dream home and saved a ton of money, thanks to his knowledge and experience. Even after receiving his commission, his responsiveness towards us did not change. 10/10 would recommend!"

Ysabel Teo

" My experience with Eugene has been nothing but great. He is an extremely sincere and honest chap. I met him through a referral and he was very detailed in analyzing my financial status and options. He was able to provide the best advise and solutions for me .I was pleasantly surprised that he managed to sell my property within 2 days and it was way above valuation.

He also managed to negotiate our new home below valuation. Throughout the process, Eugene followed up with me regularly and ensured that everything is on the right track. It was such a seamless process.

Even after we moved in to our new home, he would still check in on us. I am very thankful for all that he has done for our family and I would 10/10 recommend Eugene's service to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their houses. "

Hock Lai Ang

" Eugene is awesome as he is more than a property agent. He has been so professional that he has been helping us in a few deals now. Helping us to sell our units and helping us upgrade our investment portfolio. He is very detailed in providing market insights and analysis on market sentiments together with the potential growth for the properties.

I also like his honest feedback on the properties we viewed. If the property has no potential he will provide details to substantiate his point. Of course its also up to our decision in the end. "

Loh Yew Ling
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