Photo by: Jean-Philippe Delberghe
Photo by: Jean-Philippe Delberghe
February 28, 2023

Ever wondered about the ways you can market your home to increase its value? Here are 5 tried and tested tips from our TOP founder, Eugene Lin, on how to improve the success rate and sell your property at the highest price.

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There can be many reasons to sell your property - be it upgrading your lifestyle, wanting a brand new unit or simply preferring a change of scenery. Alas, it might not be as easy as it seems to actually sell your property immediately to fit your preferred timeline and value. We understand the predicament all too well, and so The Origins Property's founder, Eugene Lin, is here to share with us on what are the best tips to selling a property successfully.

1. Aim to Declutter Your Space

Whether it be looking for property online or simply scrolling through your friend’s Instagram story where you get a glimpse of their place, one thing resonates with all of us: our home does not always look immaculate.

Though you may not be leaving all your furnishings to the next homeowner, do not underestimate the level of importance a well-maintained home makes. It helps better create a mental image of the actual space and how they may beautify the place in their own way, which increases the chances of making the sale!

An example of how you can do this may be to box everything you don't need in the near future. We are all guilty of leaving things out that may or may not be touched for a while, and this is your chance to keep things where they belong.

A checklist of where to get started can help you in the long run. Do a Marie Kondo, and when it comes to the time of moving, you will find that there is simply lesser things to pack. Do keep in mind to keep your corridors and entryways clean as well, as they are what potential buyers first see when they arrive.


2. Home Staging

If your home was purchased in the 90s, or even the early 00s, it is very likely that by now the furnishings and decorations might not be what is considered ‘aesthetic’. Home décor is a huge trend right now especially since people are staying home more than before.

Even if your furnishings are outdated - do not despair. Sometimes, you may have great furniture but they are just not displayed to their best potential. This is where home staging comes in.

Home staging simply means preparing your house for potential buyers. This could include redecorating, moving your furniture around, tidying up your place, or adding decorative items to spice up your current setup. 

This has helped many home sellers increase the value of their place. Staging a home has a likelihood of selling faster than a non-staged home, as it helps buyers better imagine how they can use the space.

Very often, many home sellers do not wish to invest in home staging or find it important. But think about it this way: Imagine spending $3000 on home staging and in turn, the value of your home has potentially increased by more than double of what you spent. Better yet, you are able to sell it off the market faster. It is an extremely worthy investment.

The best option for home staging is to engage a home stager for a professional touch. If you have engaged a property agent to sell your home, check with your agent to see if they offer such services. Request to view their previous projects so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Or if you are working within a budget, you can find home decor inspirations online. Either way, this is a crucial step that can make or break your listing.

3. Professional Photography Matters

Finding the right angle to snap the best photo of the room can be tricky, but once you have it, it can magically transform a room from tiny and packed to comfortable and spacious. Move around to try out different angles to pick out what looks best.

You will find that a wide angle lens can help encapsulate the room better, making the space larger. Take the time to also consider the strengths of your home. Does your home comes with high ceilings, or a balcony overlooking a stunning view? These are crucial details to emphasize on.

Good lighting is a key factor in creating a successful photo. Natural lighting works better than any studio lighting in most cases. The best time to take photos indoors is usually midday, where you can get flattering results (if the lighting is too harsh, a sheer curtained window might help!).

However, not every room can get all the natural light you need; in this case, any indoor lighting you have can also give you fantastic results. Just make sure to get the white balance right, and you are all good to go.

4. Create an Inviting Vibe

Have you ever been to someone's house where you feel out of place due to the overall atmosphere of their home? Alternatively, you might have also experienced visiting an apartment that just makes you want to curl up and relax.

It is extremely important for potential buyers to feel at home the minute they walk in and create a lingering impression that this can also be their own cozy nook.

The trick to creating this type of space is actually easier than you think. For example, scents play a huge part in helping you forge a good impression and lasting memory. This can be lighting a scented candle, using a diffuser with some calming essential oils - or if you bake, you can even choose to bake some cookies in the oven for that alluring aroma that enhances homeliness. Along with scents, consider playing some soft background music for further calming effect.

Ensure the house is well-lit and airy by having curtains drawn and windows opened as this creates an impression of a more spacious room. However, if your house is receiving some morning or evening glare, ensure there are day curtains to help filter some of that harsh light. You can also opt to switch on the aircon if it is a hot day.

5. Price It Right and Pitch Your Home

When all is said and done, what's next? You have to get the word out. Content marketing is pivotal at this point, as this is where you will see how your previous efforts pay off. Social media helps a ton; you can have your listing on property portals, then make use of social media channels to spread the word. 

To garner more traffic, the quality of the photos you have taken plays a big part in whether potential buyers choose to click in or not. You have to know your audience, and proper use of keywords along with good visual examples helps positively influence the buyer’s decision. To stand out amongst other listings, you might also consider having a video tour of the unit ready. Remember to include important information like floor-plans, amenities, and nearby facilities.

Last but not least, price your property right. It is important to know your property's worth and how much the units near your property were sold for. If you are unsure of how to price your property, feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory home valuation session.

We hope these tips were able to provide you with some ideas on how you could elevate the unit you are selling. Do you have other tips to share? Hit the Talk To Us button to comment.

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